Freelance Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator since 2009.

I studied National Diploma Art & Design at Suffolk New College, Ipswich

and did my final major project on 1950s Surface Pattern and Textiles.

Whilst attending college I did work experience with a wonderful

group of designers called Collage Designs.

It was there that my absolute adoration for Surface Pattern was truly born.

I worked at Collage as a Freelancer for several years having decided I didn't need to go to University as I had the help (a supportive family and excellent colleagues), knowledge, skill and talent to pursue the career I wanted as a designer.

I have designed for all variants of client but my favourites are for children and young adult females, particularly depictions of bold graphic florals or cute quirky characters.


Currently working on .... secrets! SHH.

Book Worm. Dog Lover. Avid Video Gamer. Potato Waffle Expert.

I am an avid gardener, taking a lot of my inspiration from my own roses and flowers.

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Fishfinger Guardian

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