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Surface Pattern Designs, marked available for purchase or otherwise.

Please EMAIL ME with regard to specific requests or to see the full version of a print.
All artwork is (C) Rosie Parkinson unless otherwise stated.

South African Flowers

This South African Flowers design is available to buy, and is crying out to be wallpaper! (C) Rosie Parkinson

Eco Chic Sunflowers lunch Bag

Designed for my favourite company, Eco Chic, this hand drawn sunflowers cool lunch bag is perfect to store you snacks in.


Hand drawn farmyard design (C) Eco Chic 2021

Handdrawn Dahlias

(C) Rosie Parkinson

Sketchy Roses 2020

Loosely sketched roses with a watercolour style background.

Eco Chic Bottles

(C) Eco Chic

Norfolk beach huts

(C) Deyongs.

Grey and Yellow Floral

Watercolour, digitally edited in Photoshop and Illustrator. (C)

Sunflowers 2019

Hand drawn sunflowers (C) Rosie Parkinson / Eco Chic.


Design currently leased to Re-Wrapped. Visit the link below to purchase the gift wrap (C) Rosie Parkinson.


(C) Aldiss.

Mad owls

(C) Eco Chic

All the Women 2020

Available on patternbank:


(C) Rosie Parkinson

Famous Parisian Buildings

(C) Eco Chic. Hand drawn french buildings

Red Squirrels

(C) Eco Chic.

Handdrawn Peonies 2019

(C) Eco Chic

Mischievious Scotties

(C) Rosie Parkinson

Bridington pillow close up

(C) Deyongs

British Birds

Sold. (C) Eco Chic

Owls 2020 1

Sold. (C) Eco Chic.

Beach Huts - Deyongs

Beach Huts Bed Covers for Deyongs. (C) Deyongs.


Currently available as gorgeous sustainable, recyclable wrapping paper from Re-Wrapped. Printed using Vegetable inks. Please click the link below to visit the page. (C) Rosie Parkinson

East of England Co-Op Van

I originally designed the rapeseed floral bag for life for the East of England Co-Op, and they have had their delivery vans wrapped with it!

highland cows

Sold. (C) Eco Chic / Rosie Parkinson.

Esther 0279

Sold. (C) Rosie Parkinson

0126 pears

Sold (C) Rosie Parkinson

Catstack V2

(C) Eco Chic

1950s Floral

Sold. (C) Eco Chic

Charles Buyers Walking Stick

(C) Charles Buyers

dayofthedeadskullsfiesta small

Available for License from Patternbank. (C) Rosie Parkinson

alpacas and llamas

Sold. (C) Eco Chic


Sold. (C) Rosie Parkinson / Eco Chic

Caister Close up detail

(C) Deyongs

vintage bicycles

Sold (C) Rosie Parkinson / Eco Chic


Available for License. (C) Rosie Parkinson

SPOTS 2017

Available for License. (C) Rosie Parkinson

swinging city

Available for License. (C) Rosie Parkinson


Sold. (C) Rosie Parkinson / UK Greetings


Sold. (C) Rosie Parkinson / Eco Chic


Available for License. (C) Rosie Parkinson.


Sold. (C) Collage Designs


Sold (C) Collage Designs


Available. (C) Rosie Parkinson

bright leaf

Sold (C) Eco Chic / Rosie Parkinson